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Fridges are intended to last a long time so it is worth putting some consideration before you make your purchase to make sure your fridge is suitable for your needs for many years to come!

5 things to consider when purchasing a fridge

  1. Size. Make sure you measure your space; width, depth and height. Remember that handles are included in the depth dimensions of your fridge (unless specified otherwise) and consider that some fridges need extra width to allow the doors to open fully. You also need space behind the fridge to allow air to properly ventilate.
  2. Doors. If you opt for double doors, or anything other than a French door style fridge then you want o make sure you still have good access to the inside of your fridge. If there is an option to choose which way you want the door to open then consider your space and specify this when you order.
  3. Handles. Some doors have handles; some have a space for you to pull to open the doors. Consider what is more suitable for your home and family. Make sure the handles aren’t too high or too low.
  4. Finish. Classic white fridges are easier to keep clean than their stainless steel counterparts, as the sleek stainless steel can show up fingerprints and marks more. Matte finishes can eliminate this issue, but you will likely pay more. Black fridges are becoming increasingly popular, especially in modern kitchens.
  5. Ice maker/water dispenser. A water dispenser will either be plumbed into a tap or there will be a container inside the door that can be filled up. If you have a plumbed space already then you may want to opt for a plumbed fridge with an icemaker. It will incur a significantly higher expense, but having access to cool water without having to fill up a container constantly may be suitable in the long run if you have a large family, and you can never have enough cool water!
  6. Your fridge is an expensive appliance and considering it should last at least 10 years and will be used all day every day – it is worth making sure that you are going to be satisfied that is suitable to all of your household needs!