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We’ve all seen the red or blue star labels on appliances, but what do they really mean and should you invest in those appliances with the best ratings? Energy ratings on appliances are an initiative designed to help consumers make more environmentally friendly choices when choosing their household appliances.

What do the energy and water rating stars on appliances mean?

They are displayed in the form of star ratings and can come in full or half star increments. The units of energy consumption the appliance uses determine their energy efficiency.

Water rating labels

The blue label with accompanying stars from 1-6, shows how water efficient your appliance is. The more stars the less water it will be used and in turn the less you will spend on water usage from these appliances.

In the middle of the label there is a box, which tells you exactly how much water the appliance consumes each use, allowing you to easily compare appliances.

Electricity rating labels

Energy rating labels show how much energy the appliance consumers each use and how efficient it is compared to similar models. The number on the label shows approximately how much energy the appliance will use in a year (based on average usage)

The higher the star rating, the less energy the appliances use compared to similar size appliances in the same category.

The lower the energy consumption, the higher the star ratings on appliances!

More stars = more savings!

It is worth comparing energy ratings before you purchase your appliances! Every star counts and each additional star reduces your energy consumption and saves you money!