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Imagine if your teen could take the laundry off your hands?!

Doing laundry is part of everyone’s regular routine and it’s one chore that children can help with at any age; by the time they’re teenagers – they should be pro’s!

However with the teenager years often comes a lack of enthusiasm to get busy with the chores, so if your teen has forgotten how the washing machine works then here’s some tips to get them cleaning their own clothes in no time.

What your teen needs to know about laundry

  1. Know the labels. The labels in clothing, on towels and bedding tell us everything we need to know about how they should be washed. Put laundry in piles according to these labels; for example, hand wash or cold wash only items should be washed separately from items that don’t specify this to avoid damage or shrinking.
  2. Separate colours. Sticking to lights and colours is the easiest way to separate clothes. White, light greys and pastel colours are ok to go in the same wash, all other deeper colours should be kept separate to not risk turning your white underwear a perfect shade of pink!
  3. Load correctly. Overloading a washing machine will put pressure on the machine itself and also limit it from washing your clothes thoroughly. Clothes need room to spin and move in the water, cramming everything in might seem like a time saving hack but it will more than likely result in you having to re-wash everything. The same goes for under-loading; wait until there are a loads worth of clothes to wash to save energy and water.
  4. Wash towels and bedding separately. These generally need to be washed in hot water every couple of loads to thoroughly sanitise. Bedding and towels are also generally bulkier than other laundry items so they should be kept separately so that they can be washed thoroughly.
  5. Check pockets. Coins, pens, make up and other un-washable items can all be a potential nightmare for your washing machine and the clothes being washed! Be sure to check the pockets before loading the machine to make sure they are empty.

There may be some mistakes along the way; maybe some not so white-whites, or a shrunken top or two but in time your teen should be able to tackle the laundry with no problems at all.

You never know, they might even do it without you having to ask! (You can dream!)

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